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                       History and Capability

Looking for Concierge-Level Experience locating a 70' weekender

or a 200' world expedition yacht?? 

Call and meet Randall Burg.

He is your Concierge Yacht Broker, available 7 days a week.


954 870 3667

As the owner of LOVE THAT YACHT, Randall Burg has greater control to address the needs and create solutions better suited for this audience. 

Here are a few areas better addressed by Love That Yacht:

* Representing Yachts and yacht owners with vessels in the 70'+ range.

* Creative Commissions

* Co-Marketing solutions

+ Smart Phone empowered web site

* Better Boat Show Representation

* Targeted Print Media Advertising

* Greater use of Social Media

* Massive Video presence - 1,500,000+ views!

* A powerful automated Marketing Funnel

* Targeted Invitation-Only Open Houses


This kind of success is the result of applying Randall Burgs and Love That Yacht's unique

"Concierge Style of Service" to solve client's yachting needs.

Every broker claims to know how to do this -Randall Burg delivers

Randall's Motto Is


Licensed in Florida and and California

Florida License: YSL6297

California License: B-03099-00024-SM

Let Randall Burg and Love That Yacht sell your boat or locate a boat for you and your family!! - Bring us your listing - we will get your boat sold fast! 

Contact Randall Burg, 954 870 3667 - click to email

Recent sales: 

82' Custom Expedition Yacht, 80' Lazzara, 68' Hatteras,  65' Viking, 63' Sunseeker Predator, 62' Pacifica Enclosed Bridge, 55' Sea Ray, 58' Sunseeker, 52' Hatteras,

52' Bluewater, 450 Sundancer, 40' Pursuit, 42' Azimut, 40' Wellcraft Coastal, 




Azimut 50
Cruising NYC
Cruising past Statue of Liberty
73' Sunseeker manhaten
85' Marlow Explorer
Cruising past West Point
Randall on the job
Superyacht FLIBS
Randall and Heavens Gate
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Randall on the job